Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Turkey has landed...

This space is really intended for Sally to manage and Asha to enhance but as they are not here yet it will be my sporadic attempts in the midst of my busy activities.

I have been here a week already having relocated to a friends apartment just 5 floors below the one our family will eventually move into. The photo is from the 19th floor (actually the 22nd floor - perhaps I'll explain that on some time) and is of the hill we are built on.

Today, Lord willing, I will continue to 'window shop' for the items needed to build a comfortable home for the family. I say 'window shop' because I know that there is no chance of me picking out colours and designs to will satisfy the ladies in my life. I spent a couple of hours at Ikea (yes there is a huge on in KL) and just wandered because I knew that it was Asha and Sally who will need to agree on the colour of lamp shades, kind of cutlery, pattern on the area rug, etc... I, fortunately, have been left to buys the electronics, the fun stuff.

Well, this really is another person's role to fill in these blanks so I will press pause and let it continue later... Lance


  1. I'm real proud of you for leaving the 'stuff' for the ladies to!

    I'm also proud of you for taking another dream overseas and listening to the Lord through the process.

    Your friend always,

  2. Hi Lance. Though I'm looking forward to Sally's writing -- I fondly remember her insightful letters from another faraway place you've lived -- I also hope we hear more from you. Please don't get too busy to post something again sometime, cause we all miss you!